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Dead, Dying and Diseased Trees

These are trees that are in poor health due to damage or disease and can be dealt with in a number of different ways.

Dead wooding, removal of damaged parts of tree, reduction of weight, pollarding or total removal.

Surveys and Health Checks

These can be carried out for a number of reasons including insurance purposes, peace of mind or after bad weather.

This would be a root to tip survey noting all defects and damage to the tree or areas in poor health also the identification of any fungus or diseases that could be harmful to the tree. Then a prescription of recommended works for the tree and when to be carried out.

Crown Lifting, Thinning, Cleaning and Reductions

Crown Lifting

This involves the removal of the lower branches of the tree to a measured height from ground level to either balance the tree clear paths and road side or just allow to get the mower in to cut the grass.

Crown Thinning

This is the removal of 10%-20% of the crown but not affecting the height of the tree or the spread of the tree.  It makes the tree less dense and allows more light to penetrate and the moment of air

Crown Reduction

This is typically carried out as a percentage of about  15% – 25% of the crown being removed. In that, it reduces the height and spread of the crown and creates a more compact canopy.

Fell & Dismantle 

A tree can be felled from the base if there is space to allow it and will be done in a highly controlled manner.

If this is not the case, the tree can be climbed and dismantled in sections and lowered piece by piece to the ground in a controlled manner using rigging.

Site Clearance

If you have a large area of woodland or overgrown ground we can clear it of all vegetation and trees with the use of munchers and hand cutting.  All vegetation and branches can be chipped with the ability to shift larger timber with a tractor and crane. 

Hedge Maintenance

All hedge types are catered for from Broadleaf to Evergreen. With a site visit from one of our team they will carry out an inspection and then compile a bespoke plan best fitting for the type of hedge. Whether you have an established hedge that will require more regular trimming or a new hedge that requires target pruning it can be done.

Commercial Works

We can accommodate all aspects of commercial works from the removal of dead and diseased trees to small scale low impact harvesting and thinning.

Stump Grinding

This is the removal of the base and root system of the tree using a stump grinder from individual stumps to small hedges once been removed.


We provide a fire wooding and log splitting service. 

Storm Damage

These can be the most dangerous to deal with as they can be hung up on structures or other trees and can have large amounts of tension and compression. With rigging techniques and heavy equipment, these can be dealt with in a safe manner and limit more damage to the surrounding trees and structures.

Mobile Saw Milling

At Fairfield Highland Ltd we have a portable bandsaw sawmill which can take up to 30 in log and up to 5m long.

We can quickly and efficiently turn your logs into usable timber.